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Cooperative Studies

Market share, distribution coverage consumer products nationwideBus

Type Studio

Point of Sale

Studies POS enable organizations to obtain information about the market or the client channel.Market size and trends, impact of different sizes and product packaging, the average sales price analysis 

Business to Business


Studies focused on the knowledge of industries or companies, about their preferences and buying habits of a particular category of product or service.



SPIN Selling.

Consumer Awareness

Ad-hoc studies focused on identifying insights about the habits and purchasing behavior of customers and / or consumers of such products or services.


Studies designed to maintain continuous brand monitoring within their advertising strategy.


Assessment strategies and creative proposals. 

New Products. Business or Re-releases

Studies focused on ad-hoc analysis of consumer attitudes to innovation in products or services from companies or entrepreneurs guy.

Customer Relations


Social Media. Dealing with social networks


Studies Customer Satisfaction and Retention.

  • Mystery shopper

  • Net prometer score

  • Fidelity

  • differential advantages


Health Care

Market Research for Ethical products include performance test of availing specialist interviewer in the medical interview.